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The gender of the German noun and any irregular plurals are indicated by the m., f., n. and pl. abbreviations for each term, where applicable.

Ausrüstung (f.)
Equipment. See also Zeltausrüstung.
Bundeswehr (f.)
The post-war German armed forces established in 1956.
Buntfarbenaufdruck (m.)
Official German term for the first 31 splinter pattern.
Dackelgarage (f.)
Modern slang term meaning "dachshund garage" used in the German army to describe a pup tent made of the latest pattern Zeltbahnen.
Grundlinie (f.)
Base or bottom edge of a triangular shelter quarter formed by a narrow rectangular section that appears to have been added to the triangle.
HDv (f.)
Abbreviation for Heeresdienstvorschrift.
Heer (n.)
German army.
Heeresdienstvorschrift (f.)
German army regulation(s).
KM (f.)
Abbreviation for Kriegsmarine.
Kriegsmarine (f.)
German navy until 1945.
Luftwaffe (f.)
German air force.
LW (f.)
Abbreviation for Luftwaffe.
Nationale Volks-Armee (f.)
Army of the former German Democratic Republic.
NVA (f.)
See Nationale Volks-Armee.
Reichs-Betriebs-Nummer (R.B.-Nr.) (f.)
Unique code numbers assigned to factories and workshops serving the war economy until 1945.
Reichswehr (f.)
German armed forces from 1919 to 1935.
Riemen (m.)
Strap made of leather or web material and a buckle used to hold a Zeltbahn together and attach it to personal equipment when rolled up.
Schenkelseite (f.)
One of the two sides of equal length of a triangular shelter quarter.
Seilschlinge (f.)
Loop made by knotting together the ends of a length of rope threaded through the eye at the end of a tent peg.
Soldbuch (n., pl. Soldbücher)
Pay book carried by every member of the German armed forces. Among unit information and other details, a record of all equipment issued, including the Zeltbahn and accessories, was also entered into this book.
Splittertarnung (f.)
Splinter pattern camouflage.
Tornister (m.)
Standard German army backpack until 1945. Made of canvas on a light wooden frame and often fitted with a fur-covered flap.
Patent name originally used for the 1931 pattern triangular Zeltbahn. Often found stamped on the lower edge of the Zeltbahn.
Wehrmacht (f.)
German armed forces comprising the army, air force and navy from 1935 to 1945.
WH (n.)
Abbreviation for Wehrmacht Heer.
WL (f.)
Abbreviation for Wehrmacht Luftwaffe.
WM (f.)
Abbreviation for Wehrmacht Kriegsmarine.
Zeltausrüstung (f.)
Tent equipment issued to a soldier consisting of the Zeltbahn and tent accessories.
Zeltbahn (f.)
Triangular or square shelter quarter made of closely-woven water-repellent cotton duck. Can be used on its own as a poncho or to make up shelters and tents.
Zeltleine (f.)
Tent guy rope.
Zeltpflock (m., pl. Zeltpflöcke)
Tent peg.
Zeltplane (f.)
Another term for Zeltbahn.
Zeltstange (f.)
See Zeltstock.
Zeltstock (m., pl. Zeltstöcke)
Tent pole (section). Several can be used together to make up tent poles of any desired length.

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