How to fold and carry Zeltbahn shelter quarters

Unmounted troops

Recommended way to fold a triangular shelter quarter

German army regulation Heeresdienstvorschrift HDv 205/1 specified the following method for folding triangular shelter quarters. First fold the three corners together as shown in the diagram above to form a rectangle. This can then be folded together and placed on the folded blanket or rolled greatcoat and strapped to the Tornister (backpack, old and new types) or to the rucksack for mountain troops when in mountainous terrain.

If little time was available, the shelter quarter could also be folded and strapped under the backpack or its flap.

Tent poles and pegs were to be carried by the baggage train for troops equipped with the Tornister, the guy rope was to be carried in the Tornister. Mountain troops were to carry tent poles and pegs on pack animals when in mountainous terrain, the guy rope was to be carried in the rucksack.

Mounted troops

The shelter quarter was folded as for unmounted troops, however, in the length of the rolled greatcoat or folded blanket, and strapped to the saddle on top of the greatcoat or blanket. If circumstances required the shelter quarter to be worn on the soldier, the commander could order this method of wear to be used.

Tent poles and pegs were to be carried in the same way as for unmounted troops, the guy rope was to be carried in the left saddle bag.

Other troops

Shelter quarters and tent accessories were to be carried as for unmounted or mounted troops, or on vehicles, pack animals, etc., as ordered.

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